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Booking Terms

By Booking with EMERALD & JADE STUDIO SALON, you agree to the following Booking Terms:

Securing Your Appointment

In order to book any services with Emerald & Jade Studio Salon a credit card must be placed on file at the time of booking. The card will NOT be charged unless your booked services require a deposit at that time. For your security, Gloss Genius will only allow Emerald & Jade access to charge your card on the day of your appointment in addition to the cancellation policy window. Once you become a repeat client, Gloss Genius will only save the last card you paid with on file. Again, Emerald & Jade is unable to see or access your form of payment as a security feature to you until your scheduled appointment.


EMERALD & JADE STUDIO SALON follows a Tiered Cancellation Policy. A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations outside of the policy window which includes no-shows, same-day cancellations, and day-of-service changes / removal of booked services. The policy window is as follows:

  • Services that take up to 2 hours of booking time require a 48-hour (2 full working days) notice.
  • Services that take 3 hours of booking time will require a 72-hour (3 full working days) notice.
  • Services that take 4 hours of booking time will require a 96-hour (4 full working days) notice.
  • Services that take 5 or more hours of booking time require a 120-hour (5 full working days) notice.

When booking appointments it is extremely important to note the cancellation policy our company has in place. This policy is strictly enforced to be able to protect the operators that work hard to serve you so they can provide for their families. Please understand when you book an appointment we reserve this time specifically for you and your service in good faith. When you cancel last minute, or you do not show up we miss the opportunity to fill this appointment time for those on our wait list attempting to be served.

Late Policy

At Emerald & Jade we do our best to accommodate everyone. Of Course, life happens. Traffic, weather, accidents, ETC.-we get it. If you are running late please call and make the salon aware. We want to provide then desired service in its entirety. We will try our hardest to accommodate the services scheduled. However, after 15 minutes your appointment is subject to change depending upon the stylist’s discretion. Please understand this is never a punishment, it is only to prevent “overlap” into the rest of the service provider’s appointments within the day. Please note that lateness beyond 15 minutes or so with no contact to the salon can be considered as a missed or “no show” appointment.

Service Adjustment / Refund / Service Re-Do Policy

We do not offer refunds, but will our do our best to make adjustments within a 2 week service time.

Curly Haircut Maintenance: New Gems vs. Returning Gems

Returning Gems receive a discounted price for quarterly maintenance haircuts (every 12-weeks). Should you reschedule beyond the 12-week window, you will be charged the full price.


If you are making appointments with Emerald & Jade Studio Salon it is imperative that you DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE from the text and email notifications that give you all of your appointment’s details—such as date & time and important updates. This is also how we communicate should the scheduling of your appointment need to shift. In addition to appointment info, this is also how you will receive all of your receipts for any payments you have made for your services and purchases. If you unsubscribe, you will not be able to resubscribe. You might receive occasional marketing texts, but you are encouraged to STAY SUBSCRIBED due to the fact that all appointment reminders came from the same system. EMERALD & JADE STUDIO SALON is committed to a non-spamming policy, and keeps text marketing to a minimum.

Please note, you will find a reminder about the cancellation policy in all of these notifications. Should you need to cancel or reschedule you can do so with easy access through the notification you receive or through our booking sight. If you are having any trouble canceling or rescheduling please do not hesitate to reach out and send a text to the salon and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

If you choose to unsubscribe from text and email notification, you assume responsibility for writing down and keeping track of your appointments. Should you forget, EMERALD & JADE STUDIO SALON is not responsible and policy will be strictly enforced.


We understand life and real emergencies happen. Should there be a genuine emergency Emerald & Jade will do our best to work with you, but please understand that this is on a case by case basis and not assumed to be abused.

Again, please remember while it is our passion that we work hard to serve you and make you feel beautiful this is also the profession of our operators.

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