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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Due to the length of time your hair may require, it is recommended that all new clients book a consultation appointment before receiving a service.

Please make sure any braids or extensions have been removed. If you are receiving a chemical / color service, please ensure the hair is properly cleansed and free of products for optimal processing.

*If you’re getting a relaxer and you have braids or a weave install, it is recommended to remove the braids and shampoo 4 – 7 days before receiving service. Failure to remove and clarify before service can result in scalp irritation.

Unless you have been instructed differently by the stylist, it is recommended you come with clean fresh hair for chemical services. Product buildup can interfere with proper processing. There are very few exceptions, but only be given after consultation.

Any additional prep work for the hair will accrue additional fees.

  • Product buildup from styling products, edge control, oils, etc.
  • All forms of cosmetic gray coverage such as powders, waxes, gels, sprays, etc.
  • Earthly elements like sand, grass, dirt, etc.

Any additional prep work for the hair will accrue additional fees.

Hair should be clean, detangled, air-dried and has not been tied back.  It’s recommended to prep the same day or the night before. Do not tie or secure hair.

Returning Gems receive a discounted price for quarterly maintenance haircuts (every 12-weeks). However, if you reschedule beyond the 12-week window, you will be charged the full price.

By consultation only.

There are many factors that determine the need for one silk press or the other. Determination of the appropriate silk press is based on the health, nourishment need, amount of hair, time, etc.

No. But we do offer curly reformations for damaged curls by consultation only.

Yes, for an additional fee. 

You cannot be on your phone while hands are in your hair. If you are processing or under the dryer, you are free to use your phone.

We have complimentary charging stations. Feel free to charge your phone during your hair service.

Same as the phone policy. You cannot work while the stylist is working on your hair, but you can do so while processing or under the dryer.

No. However, you can bring a light (not messy) snack if you will be in the salon for a long period of time. You would be able to eat during processing and waiting times.

Unless the child is receiving service, children should not be in the salon due to possible safety issues. 

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